Capsule type diaphragm seals

Service intended: Suitable for very high pressures and aggressive, contaminated, hot and viscous media. For special requirements special material seals are used. Cooling elements and capillary extensions are additional accessories.


Technical Details
Operation Manual


Technical Data
Pressure ranges
10 .... 1600 bar
Connection and capsule
Stainless steel 316Ti
Process connection
Male pipe thread : G1/2B, G3/4B, M20 x 1,5
Male running thread: G1/2B, G3/4B, M20 x 1,5
Female union nut : G1/2,G3/4,G1, M20 x 1,5
Capsule sensor
75 x 13 x 6 mm / 100 x 13 x 6 mm
Filling liquid
Food-compatible with FDA-certification
Temperature stability Tmin / Tmax
- 20 ... +200°C
Mounting and capillary extension
Mounting possibilities for chemical seals