Typ E
Alarm contacts with electronic contact

Service intended Electronic alarm sensor contacts are switches for tensions out a range of 10 - 30 V DC used for direct drive of a stored program system or other electronics. The signal output is instantaneous and analog to the movement of the instrument pointer. Liquid filling in the instrument is possible.


Technical Details
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Technical Data
Contact arm bearing
Ruby stones
No. of contacts
Max. 4
Operating voltage
Ub = 10 ... 30 V DC, Residual ripple 10 %
Open circuit current
≤ 10 mA
Reverse battery protection
conditional on (Ub)
inductive protection
1 kV, 0,1 ms, 1k
Oscillator frequency
approx. 1000 kHz
Output type
PNP - make contact
Switching current
Imax ≤ 100 mA
Residual current
≤ 100 mA
Voltage drop ( at Imax )
≤ 0,7 V
Switching hysteresis
0,08 ... 0,30 mm
Temperature drift
± 0,02 mm
Insulation resistance
0,5 kV
Ambient temperature Tmin / Tmax
- 25 ... + 70°C
Optional extras
see: Technical Details