Typ I
Inductive alarm sensor contacts

Service intended: Inductive alarm sensor contacts are inductive contacts to DIN 19234 resp. NAMUR. They are certified for use in hazardous areas of zone 1 and zone 2. The signal output is instantaneous and analog to the movement of the instrument pointer. Liquid filling in the instrument is possible.


Technical Details
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Technical Data
Contact arm bearing
Synthetic rubies
No. of contacts
Max. 4
Operating voltage
5 ... 25 V DC
Nominal voltage
8 V DC (Ri = 1 k )
Current consumption
Active surface free : ≥ 3 mA
Active surface damped : ≤ 1 mA
< 0,5 % FS
Ambient temperature Tmin / Tmax
- 25 ... +100°C
Type code
see Type code page 13.0102
Certifcate of conformity

PTB 99 ATEX 2219
ZELM 03 ATEX 0128 X


Switching amplifier Ex ib IIC T6

see Relays
Non-intrinsically safe switching amplifier
see Relays
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see: Technical Details