Typ M
Alarm contacts with magnetic snap-action contact

Service intended: Electromechanical alarm contacts are auxiliary contacts that make or break electric circuits. A magnetic snap-action contact is a mechanical contact with a make/break capacity up to 30 W / 50 VA. The signal output will be retarded or advanced and analog to the movement of the instrument pointer. instruments with magnetic snap-action contacts can be used for all operating conditions, also with liquid-filled instruments.


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Technical Data
Contact arm bearing
Ruby stones
Material of contact points
AG 80 Ni 20
No. of contacts
Max. 4
Min. Ueff : 24 V   Max. Ueff : 250 V
Current rating
Make rating : 1,0 A
Break rating : 1,0 A
Continuous load : 0,6 A
P min. : 0,4 W / 0,4 VA
P max. : 30 W/ 50 VA
Approximately 2 - 5,0 % FS
Creep and air distances
To DIN VDE 0110 part 1 and 2 (degree of soiling: 3)
Voltage testing
To DIN VDE 0660 part 200
Circuit/earth connection: 2000 VAC 1 min.
Circuit/circuit: 2000 VAC 1 min.
Ambient temperature Tmin / Tmax
- 20 ... +140°C
Load chart
see Technical Details page 13.0104
Optional extras
see Technical Details page 13.0105
Other contact materials
See Technical Details page 13.0104
Type code
see Type code page 13.0103